Ready to Embrace the New You? A 4th Trimester Guide to Feeling Good and Looking Chic

It may or may not be coming as a shock to you that you probably still look a little pregnant...Your uterus still might have some shrinking to do (called involution, which is a far sexier word than “shrink”), your internal organs are making their way back home, and...hellooooo!!! You are still healing and nourishing yourself PLUS a tiny person! Your new body shape will continue to shift over the coming months, and because you are a badass life-creating-and-sustaining fertility Goddess, we feel like you should probably have a wardrobe (that fits) that makes you feel and look totally gorgeous (with minimal effort, obvs...cuz, ya know, the whole healing-plus-infant thing). Let’s celebrate that incredible new bod, new mama!

Reduce, Reuse, Recycle

Depending on what you bought for maternity clothing, you may totally be able to get a little more mileage out of those items during the fourth trimester! A cute flowy maxi, forgiving (and nursing-friendly) overalls, empire-waisted or menswear-inspired shirts...hey, you might as well make life easier for yourself and avoid having to guess at your (temporary) sizing for a while.
Our picks: Hatch, Natalie Martin, Gap

Thanks, It Has Pockets

This may sound silly, but one of the most frustrating things I encountered when I was postpartum with my first was that none of my comfy stretchy pants had pockets! I wanted an easy place to stash my phone / lip balm / a snack / spare set of nursing pads if I was up and about with baby, but found myself SOL. Make sure your pants come with storage, those hands up for some baby snuggles instead!
Our picks: Athleta, Kindred Bravely, Wolven

Multitask Like a Mother

Whether you’re wanting easy nursing access or just something that requires very little brain power to throw on and look instantly cute and put together, the Cocoon is your fourth trimester bestie. Poncho-style over leggings, as a scarf to help you maintain a good body temp with those crazy hormone swings, in cape mode and French tucked into some cute joggers...or chucked over yesterday’s PJs, tbh...whatever you want! You don’t even have to wear a top underneath if you don’t wanna...we won’t tell.

Whip ‘Em Out

If you’re nursing, you’ll want your boobs to be readily babies eat a LOT. Like, sometimes every 30 minutes (look up “cluster feeding,” it’s 100% normal so don’t freak out that babe is starving!) We love the combo nursing and pumping tank concept, since it’s just one less thing to fumble around with, but if you’re not pumping just yet or just feel like a different aesthetic, there are tons of super chic nursing-friendly wardrobe options. Embrace the stretch, the wrap, and the button front!
Our picks: Miranda Bennett Studio, Kindred Bravely, Madri, Nili Lotan 

Level Up the Layers

This is a good tip for a couple reasons: one, the hot flashes and cold sweats that come with postpartum hormone regulation are no joke and it’s nice to be prepared! And two, if you’re breastfeeding you can layer a flowy top (like the Cocoon) over a fitted tank or high-waisted leggings and nurse by pulling up the top layer without exposing your belly or breasts.
Our picks: Miranda Bennett Studio

Loosen Up

In general, looser-fitting items (but not shapeless or baggy!) are great; swing dresses or trapeze / A-line tops are belly grazing if you’re wanting to hide the leftover softness, and pretty caftans and jersey dresses are awesome modern takes on the whole housecoat idea. Tip: if you still want to be able to breastfeed in a swing or trapeze dress but don’t feel like flashing your behind to the world, throw a high-waisted pair of bike shorts on underneath (also prevents thigh win).
Our picks: Amazon (so inexpensive, get multiple colors!), Lunya, Dwell & Slumber

Beautiful Underpinnings

For baby #1 I wore junky granny panties and some cheap no-name brand of nursing bra I found on Amazon. And I felt gross. Yes, you probably don’t want to sacrifice your expensive lingerie to lochia and breastmilk stains, but you also deserve to feel beautiful while you’re going through some of the less savory parts of postpartum! Treat yourself to a few pretty and supportive nursing bras (and protect them with milk pads so you don’t have to worry about leaks), and once you’re out of the post-birth Depends stage make sure you have some well-fitting underwear as well...and if you had a belly birth, make sure they’re high-waisted and soft against your scar.
Our picks: Kindred Bravely, Cosabella

And Finally...Throw Away the Rule Book!

Ultimately, wear whatever the hell makes you feel beautiful and just had a freakin’ baby, you deserve it!


Cover photo via The Chriselle Factor

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