Perfection through imperfection

It may seem counter intuitive to be less than a perfect example for our children, but when we strive for perfection we don’t let them truly see us, which in turn teaches them that it isn’t safe to be truly seen unless they are “perfect.”

We need to model our perfectly imperfect selves.

It’s critical that we show’s essential to take ownership and accountability for our actions (even when - especially when - we are not proud of them).

How freeing for our kids! We let them be fallible, teach them forgiveness, compassion, perseverance, and resilience, hold space for their mistakes and the teaching moments that follow. We let them be seen, as their FULL selves.

You cannot parent with your whole self, with your whole heart, when you are trying to be perfect. This last line of The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto informs and encompasses all the commitments that come before it; not only does it reinforce their truth, it also allows for the moments in which we fall short of these promises and gives us the grace to recover from them. Together.

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