Healing Autoimmune Disease

Brooke, @everydayexpert and founder of @thehealhive joined AMMA co-founder, Satya Twena, to chat all about autoimmunity and healing. Brooke’s own journey began with a tick bite, and she gets raw and real with her struggles to properly identify her health challenges, find doctors who listened, and ultimately become the biggest advocate for her own wellbeing and heal herself using apitherapy...this is one you don’t want to miss!

Brooke’s Top Tip

Test, not guess! More specifically, be sure the tests you are getting are truly diagnostic and that your practitioner is actually reading the results and applying the appropriate protocols in response. It can be tricky to screen for autoimmunity and can require anything from blood tests to biopsies to scans to scopes...and you deserve to have a healthcare team who will go the distance for and with you. Ultimately, you are the CEO of your own health...which means you decide who works on your behalf. 

Brooke’s Top Resources

Don’t forget to check Brooke out on Instagram @everydayexpert and @thehealhive! And make sure if you are dealing with any autoimmune issues to get on the Heal Hive's program (What The F*ck Is Wrong With Me?) waitlist.

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