Announce Your Pregnancy With Flair: 16 Ways to Make It Memorable

Sore boobs? Check.
Nausea? Check.
Exhaustion? Check. 

Congrats, you’re PREGNANT! 

After the initial joy and shock wear off, you might be wondering how best to break the big news to family and friends. 

So what's your pregnancy announcement style?

Are you the type to share a spontaneous photo of your positive pregnancy test (the only socially acceptable time to show someone something you’ve peed on)... 

...or maybe you’d rather wait until you’re rocking the baby bump to do your big reveal…

...or have you got grand ideas for a photoshoot worthy of the most shares on Facebook?

Sure, you could just post a status update or a pic of the ultrasound...but where’s the fun in that? Whether your style is heartfelt, humorous, or just plain extra, we have some great ideas for how to announce you’re an expecting mama.

1. Spell It Out

An oldie but a goodie: the letterboard reveal. Stage it with sonogram photo strips, baby accessories, as part of a flatlay, inside a bassinet...the creative potential is endless! Check out Pinterest for even more inspo. 
image via satya
Images via Pinterest and @bubblydesignco

2. It's The Little Things

Tiny things next to big things...also a classic.

Images via Pinterest

3. After Every Storm...

If you’re revealing a pregnancy after a loss, incorporating the rainbow into your reveal can be a lovely way to celebrate the joy as well as the heartbreak.

Images via @hbridgette and @sailr_m00n

4. Food of Love

Make a meal or pour a cup of coffee using special dishes with the surprise message at the bottom...when your guests are done they’ll get quite the shock!

 Images via CafeMom and Etsy

5. Go Postal

Go old school and send out paper announcements...everyone loves snail mail (plus vintage/retro is totally having a moment) and you’ll have a tangible keepsake to remember this momentous occasion (aside from, ya know, the baby itself).

Images via Etsy and Minted

6. Joke's On Them

Love a good joke? Leave an actual bun in your oven for your partner or family to find. (FYI, while this can be a funny slow-burn kind of announcement, be prepared for people to just plain not get it...bless them).

7. The Gift That Keeps On Giving

Wrap up a cute onesie, bonnet, or pair of booties as a gift for your partner or the grandparents-to-be. This works particularly well if you can work it naturally into a gift-giving occasion, like Christmas or a birthday.

8. Get An Assist

Get your pet or your older kiddo involved.

Images via What To Expect and A Shutter in Time Photography

9. What're You Into?

Incorporate a hobby or shared interest. For example, if your partner is into craft beer, put a baby bottle next to their brewskies in the fridge so they see it next time they grab one). Love to travel? Set that as the theme for a cute social media share. Get personal, get creative!

Images via Pinterest

10. It's All In The Timing

Use timing to your benefit! Announcing around Halloween? Incorporate the season into your big reveal or build it into your costume. Christmas? Hang a little stocking for when friends and relatives visit. Guy Fawkes Day? Set off a teeny tiny rocket (ok maybe not that last one, but you get the idea).


11. Dress For Success

The onesie reveal...another classic, and easy to personalize to include hobbies, inside family jokes, etc. So cute for a family who knows what RPG stands for, or has seen every superhero film ever made, or knows what Hogwarts house they belong get the idea! 


If all that just sounds hopelessly low-key, here are our suggestions for announcements that are adorably extra:

Videotape your individual reveals to friends and family, make a compilation of everyone’s reactions, and post it on YouTube so the world can share in your joy...AMMA co-founder Emily Baldoni and hubby Justin Baldoni chose to reveal both pregnancies with Maiya and Maxwell this way and to say they are the cutest things ever is a huge understatement.


Sports fans? One word: JumboTron

Take notes from the queen herself and have a full-on photoshoot for a memorable and Insta-worthy pregnancy announcement.

Get a custom film poster made and see if your local theater will display it. Take friends and family to a group movie night and “find” the poster.

Get a celeb in on the action. Not everyone will conveniently run into Will Smith, but it can’t hurt to be prepared! 


As far as when to share the big news goes, that’s a hugely personal decision...a lot of mamas wait until they are out of the first trimester (when risk of miscarriage is highest), others choose to share once they’ve had their 20 week anatomy scan (to check for any abnormalities and hopefully to have some cute ultrasound pics to share). Some mamas share the news as soon as they find out themselves! Do whatever feels right to you and your partner. 

Mama Pro Tip → As exciting as this all is, don’t share on social media until you’re ready to have everyone (i.e. your boss) know...privacy settings will only get you so far.

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