The Happiness Catalyst

Embracing the role of a mother brings a multitude of wondrous gifts, but one holds the dearest place in my heart.

It's the art of observing.

I am a constant watcher of my children; however, there's a certain kind of observation that blossoms when I am truly present (and yes mama…laundry can wait). 

I’m talking about those precious moments when I tuck my phone and my to-do-list away and immerse myself in the act of watching.

When I am able to do this, enchantment unfurls, and the act of observing transforms into a treasured and rewarding moment in time. I watch as their never-ending inquiries and wide-eyed explorations lead me to rekindle my own sense of wonder in the midst of the mundane. 

Take bubbles, for example, unassuming orbs that never fail to captivate kids (and even us adults). Iridescent, delicate globes drifting through the air with grace, igniting laughter and boundless delight.

Bubbles, made up of just soap and air, become gateways to wonder and adventure. Whether it's the mesmerizing sight of a bubble wafting upwards or the exhilaration of chasing and bursting them, the realm of bubbles offers a modest yet profound wellspring of fascination.

And perhaps most importantly, it's a gentle nudge to remember that in the midst of our bustling mama lives, it's often the simplest joys that evoke the most profound happiness. Because when we are able to slow down and become present enough to truly take in the little things, then we tap into the kind of joy that lasts beyond the moment.

So, the next time you witness your child's face light up at the mere sight of a bubble, take a moment to recognize (and maybe even feel) their unbridled curiosity and the sheer magic of existence.

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