Amma is a collaboration between Emily Baldoni, Sharon Baldoni and Satya Twena.
We have come together with a common dream and goal: to elevate, support and celebrate the experience of motherhood by designing clothing that is as versatile as it is stylish.
We believe mamas are to be witnessed and celebrated, and fashion is one way we know how to help women / mothers feel beautiful.
AMMA's first product, The Cocoon, was originally designed 34 years ago by Sharon Baldoni, Emily's Mother-in-Law, when she was breastfeeding her son, Justin Baldoni.
Thirty years later, Sharon gifted that original Cocoon to Emily when she began breastfeeding her daughter Maiya. Emily found herself using the Cocoon daily. She was inspired by Sharon's original design, and they teamed up with Satya to redesign the Cocoon for the modern and fashionable busy mom.