Lifestyle Changes to Boost Fertility

Dr. Shahin Ghadir is one of Los Angeles’ top fertility specialists, and he joined us via IG Live to share some major wisdom for family planning during the pandemic!

Be Proactive!

From the standpoint of a fertility specialist, trying to actively get pregnant right now isn’t a good idea. However, now is a great time to make lifestyle changes that may boost fertility (such as eating well, exercising, addressing autoimmune disorders or other underlying conditions, and improving your overall health). You can still make embryos right now as well, so that when fertility clinics are participating in IVF/IUI/ovulation induction/embryo transfer again, you are ready to go! 

You can also be proactive about learning about your body and assessing your fertility; according to Dr. Ghadir you have nothing to lose by getting checked out early (especially if you have an indicator of a possible challenge, like an irregular period). Schedule a phone consult or a telemedicine appointment with a doctor who will be on your side and help you achieve your goals. 

Be Positive!

The word “infertility” connotes blaming a woman for her body’s challenges. Reframe it by using the word “fertility,” because that’s what your ultimate goal is! Positivity is so important when you’re trying to conceive (and when you’re pregnant), so find the silver linings. If fertility struggles are feeling like a full-time job for you, it’s a great time to seek support from a specialist who can guide you and bring you some calm and confidence in the process.

Mama Pro-Tip → just because we are physically distancing right now doesn’t mean you should isolate yourself. Having the right support system in your fertility journey is so important...even if that system exists via telehealth appointments, text threads, and virtual meetups with friends. Build your community!

For more information, check out the Fertility Talk by Dr. Ghadir playlist on YouTube and the Southern California Reproductive Center website.


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