28 Perfect Gifts for Mama & Baby This Holiday Season

Let’s be real...it’s been a doozy of a year. And I don’t know about you, but I am so beyond ready for a little (or a LOT of) holiday cheer. Whether you celebrate Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, National Cat Herders Day (yep, that’s a thing), or just want to spread some see-ya-2020 goodness, we’ve compiled a list of gifts perfect for the mamas and babies in your life. And zero judgement if you wanna just casually send this list to someone on your own behalf...you never know who might just be looking for the perfect gift for YOU!

For The Expecting Mama

Foot Nanny Starter Kit: The only thing that would make this gift better is if the person giving it to you threw in a killer foot rub with the delicious eucalyptus lotion it comes with
Mama Body Stone: A luxurious moisturizer that melts into skin using your body's natural warmth...Made Safe certified and perfect for a pregnant mama's pampering routine.
new mama bundle perfect gift for an expecting mama New Mama Bundle: Help your preggo friends bring more relaxation, intention, and joy into their fourth trimester with this beautifully curated box full of mama-centric gifts (plus a couple cute extras for baby)
Keepsake Box: A place for new baby's important memories and milestones, this heirloom box includes storage for all kinds of mementos—from the first sonogram to a favorite blankie. 
Bralette: Designed for every phase of motherhood, from the 1st trimester all the way through nursing and beyond, this versatile and flattering bralette might just make wearing a bra fun (hey, we said might...)
Lactation Cookies: Organic, Kosher, bake-at-home lactation cookies support your milk supply and taste absolutely amazing. Gift them now, and when your bestie has had their babe, pop over and bake her up a batch of these yummy treats!
Belly Butter: Growing a baby is major...mama deserves some extra love! 
This balm is specifically formulated to soothe and nourish the stretching skin of pregnant bellies. Plus, studies show that rubbing your growing belly makes the babe inside feel good too, so it’s a win-win! Seriously. It’s science.
 Cocoon: Perfect for a new breastfeeding mama but just as amazing as a versatile wardrobe staple after the newborn days.

For Mama

ByChari Jewelry: We're especially partial to the Mama necklace, but anything from this gorgeous brand will be a hit.
Wren Ceramics: Made by a mama in Brooklyn, each wheel-thrown piece is unique in form and texture...just like you! ;) Bonus if the gifter includes a gorgeous spray of blooms with this beautiful vase.
AMMA Mama Tee: Give the gift of doing good...50% of the proceeds from each AMMA Mama tee goes towards advancing and empowering Black birth workers.
Candle Making Kit: Got a crafty pal? These DIY essential oil-scented candles are a perfect at-home activity for the winter months, and they can set the mood for a much-deserved self-care bath
Luxe Leggings: From Girlfriend Collective, these are sustainably made, ultra-soft, and endlessly versatile...in other words, the stuff of mom-wardrobe dreams.
Bath Soak: Made from rose petals, detoxifying Himalayan pink salt, and rose clay. Elevate your alone time.

Allbirds Wool Loungers: mamas spend a lot of time running around; their feet deserve a little extra TLC...these slip-on (machine-washable and sustainably made!) shoes are insanely comfortable and come in a bunch of cute colors

Mama Pro Tip → Take all the guesswork out of your fave mama’s everyday outfit choice, and gift her a pair of Allbirds, some gorg black leggings, a Cocoon poncho, and a delicate piece of customized jewelry. Done and done.

    Hydrogels: Detox and depuff your delicate eye area with these cooling gel pads. They feel so good, it's like a hug for your eye (ok, maybe not like that, cuz that would be weird, but you get the idea).
    Gua sha Tool: This one from Wildling is made of a type of stone said to improve dull, tired skin (so it’s for, like, every mom ever). Curious about gua sha? Check out AMMA co-founder Emily Baldoni’s chat with Dr. Karuna about the importance of beauty and ritual in our lives.
    Tabio Socks: Gift a friend (or yourself!) some fun socks from Tabio - putting on metallic socks is the ultimate in easy luxury and fun.
    Velvet Bralette: We love the softness of velvet, and this sexy (and nursing-friendly!) bralette makes you feel like a total badass vixen...which means you’ll show up as a badass vixen :) Have fun with color when gifting; magenta or green make bold statements!
    Leather Tote Bag: Ethical fashion brand Able focuses on economically empowering women; the fact that their products are freakin’ gorgeous is frankly just a fringe benefit. 
    Pillow & Silk Pillowcase: On the surface this may not seem “gift-y,” but any new mama will tell you that good sleep is worth its weight in liquid gold (see what we did there?) This pillow is fully machine washable (see: milk leaks and postpartum hot flashes) and adding a luxurious silk pillowcase not only feels incredible but helps avoid hair breakage and facial distress.
    Handmade earrings: Crafted in small batches, these clay earrings from Argilla by Lucia are designed to reflect your inner light. Hard to pick a fave, though the Art Deco-inspired "Collette" pair is extra gorgeous.  

                                                      For Baby

                                                      Organic Baby Bonnet: Nothing is cuter than a tiny baby in a bonnet. Literally, nothing. 
                                                        Baby Clothes: These timeless pieces from August River Co. are organic and incredibly high quality, not to mention absolutely adorable...plus if you have older kiddos you can coordinate colors for family photos.
                                                        Books: Never too soon to start a little library...babies love high-contrast images so options like Hello, Ocean Friends and Look, Look are great. We also love Antiracist Baby and A Is For Awesome.
                                                        Lovevery Subscription: These Montessori-based play kits start from birth and take the guesswork out of entertaining (and teaching!) babe. Lovevery also makes an awesome activity gym if you want something to wrap right away.
                                                        Pipette Baby Baby Essentials Kit: Safe, sustainable, gentle, nontoxic, clean ingredients...I’m not saying you should use your baby’s toiletries...but...
                                                        Baby’s First Lovey: Gifting baby their very first true love in the form of a stuffed animal is a major deal and basically guarantees you bragging rights for life (our fave options come from Jellycat or Blabla Kids).
                                                        Oli & Carol Teether: Made with 100% natural rubber and painted with food grade dyes, these teethers are seriously the cutest things ever (c’mon, where else are you gonna find a baby toy named Kendall the Kale?)
                                                        Chilote Baby Slippers: Made by artisan women in Patagonia, these will keep baby’s feet cozy and fit them until they reach toddlerhood.
                                                        Handmade Baby Rattle: the options from Estella NYC are hilariously whimsical, so you’ll probably have a hard time choosing just one (gotta love the cold brew one, although hot sauce is a close second).
                                                        Custom Baby Blanket: Buddha Babe’s blankets come in multiple sizes and are customizable with a wide variety of fabrics so you can coordinate with a nursery or theme. Cue alllll the snuggles!
                                                        HarperIman Doll: full disclosure - these are sold out until January 2021, so anything you’d buy for the holiday season would be a preorder. BUT in our opinion, it’s totally worth it for a handcrafted doll from this mama-daughter company.
                                                        Canopy: Create the ultimate cozy space for your babe...perfect for over a bed or to designate a little reading nook. 
                                                        Sweet Dresses: I mean...do we even need to give a reason to make this ridiculously adorable line of dresses and tutus the star of your gift list?!?
                                                        Artwork: These magical prints are the stuff of sweet baby dreams...never too early to ignite the spark of imagination!

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