80 Unique Baby Names So Good, You’ll Wish You Were Having 80 Babies

You won’t find Jack, Billy, or Jane on this list!

Naming your baby is kind of a big deal...maybe THE biggest deal after actually finding out you’re expecting! And while making a list of options can be fun, it can also be challenging to narrow down the perfect pick, especially if you are wanting something that no one else will have.

We’ve put together our favorite unusual baby names that are guaranteed to make your little one stand out in the best way. In fact, they’re so good that you might just want to keep them secret from your pregnant friends...

Here are our 80 top picks for unique baby names (and don’t skip the end where AMMA co-founder Emily Baldoni shares the magical way she received the names for her two kids):

Unique Baby Names for Girls

 Nova Liv Birch
Waverley Uma Colette
Poppy Wren Ever
Luna Adah Andie
Ivy Cypress Elsie
Rosaline Maeve Astrid
Maisie Kinsley Kaia
Marnie Ida Winifred
Isadora Analise Marlowe


Unique Baby Names for Boys

Bodhi Wilder Humphrey
Kassian Puck Miles
Baz Aero Amren
Jag Jude Mikah
 Abacus Noble Laird
Finnegan Gideon Curran
Gilbert Alonzo Graeme
Alec Seamus Wells
Faulkner Truman Asher
Asriel Mott Caspian
Meyer Merrick Pax

Unique Unisex Baby Names

 Atom Finch Witt
Zen / Zhen Indigo Blue
Lennon Pim Saturn
Jules Poe Yarrow
River Flynn Vaughan
Fallon Sylvan Rufus
Shelby Hart


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@jesmariex - Aria, Lucas, Joaquin, Elyzia
@phoenixs_mom - Phoenix, Ripleah
@cinnamonlk - Finn, Aiden, Calvin, Aida, Lyra, Ellie
@bethy818 - Saoirse
@ali.bebry - Artemis, Charlitt, Joni, Townes, Aries, Mars, Aria

Mama Pro-Tip → Want to know the significance behind your favorite name choices? Check out the Name Doctor for info on origin, meaning, history, and even use in pop culture!

justin baldoni and emily baldoni baby

How Emily & Justin Baldoni Named Their Kids

Maiya’s name came to me in a dream! It was on our list already, but I remember having a dream of trying to read a book of children's names, desperately flipping pages and feeling really stressed. Suddenly I felt the presence of a woman whispering in my right ear, and she said "Close the book, put it aside, close your eyes, and breathe...the most feminine and ancient name that is right for your daughter will come to you." I did what she asked and the name Maiya instantly came to me. 

Fun Fact: Originally our daughter’s name was going to be Maya (no “i”), but I talked to a psychic and numerologist before she was born who said that if we added the “i” to the spelling, her life path would be a little easier; she would still face down and learn from challenges but it would help the road be less bumpy. Who knows if any of it is true, but once you hear something like that it’s hard to shake it...and the added “i” makes her name even more beautiful and unique!

For Maxwell, Justin and I were sitting on the couch discussing names, laughing and having no idea what to pick, and again it was like a whisper in my right ear that just said “Maxwell.” I said it out loud -- totally surprised myself -- and we both looked at each other and said, “Yeah!” Maxwell is a prominent surname in the Baháʼí faith so we’d heard of the name before, but it hadn’t even been on our radar before that moment.

With both kids, we didn't commit to a name until we met them...Maxwell officially got his name 5 days after he was born, and with Maiya we knew right away. 

Curious about numerology for your kiddo’s name (or yours)? Check it out!

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