You Did It, Mama Kit

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You Did It, Mama Kit

YOU DID IT MAMA! You birthed a human! 

Those early days are so tender and raw…that’s why we’ve created this essential kit - it’s everything you need to survive those first few weeks of postpartum.

What’s in it?

  • Sitz Down, Mama
  • Milky Way Lactation Tea
  • Sacred Feminine Yoni Oil
  • Nipple Balm

Each nurturing item in this kit was thoughtfully curated to bring peace, love, and healing to you during this transformative time.

Sitz down, mama

A sitz bath is an amazing therapy done by sitting in a warm shallow and is a postpartum essential.

Our organic restorative blend of herbs, flowers, and salts is designed to support the natural healing process of your body after childbirth by increasing blood flow to the perineum and vulva.

It soothes tender tissues (yep, it’s safe to use with stitches!), reduces inflammation and bleeding, eases tired and achy muscles, and even helps heal hemorrhoids. Plus, it’s an excellent way to pamper yourself after the incredible event of having a baby. 

The best part is our sitz blend can be used as a compress and padsicle, bath soak, peri-rinse, foot soak, and face steam

Sacred Feminine Yoni oil

This is amazing for perineal massage starting at 36 weeks and incredible for post-birth when your vulva and perineum need a little lov’n from dryness from changing hormones from breastfeeding.

Our oil is handmade with a special blend of herbs, plant oils, and essential oils 

It helps soothe, balance, and moisturize the delicate skin of your vulva and perineum 

Nipple Balm

Our nipple balm is made entirely with natural ingredients that are safe for need to wash off before nursing (who has time for that anyway?)

Great for soothing sore, bleeding, or chafed nipple tissue from cluster feeding, pumping, engorgement, or just because you want to show the ladies a little extra love.

Milky Way Tea *greek mythology of Hera*

Did you know the Milky Way gets its name from a Greek myth about the goddess Hera who sprayed her breast milk across the sky? So cool.

Give your milk production a boost with this delicious organic lactation tea. 

Nettle, fenugreek seeds, oat straw, fennel seeds, and alfalfa leaf aid in enriching milk flow and quality. Raspberry leaf supports balanced uterine recovery and chamomile flowers soften the tea, and promote relaxation for you and baby.

Note: due to the nature of these products, the You Did It, Mama Kit cannot be returned.

It is not the role of AMMA to diagnose or treat medical conditions. While it is the belief that all products in the You Did It, Mama Kit are safe to use during pregnancy and breastfeeding, any herb or supplement taken during pregnancy or breastfeeding should be discussed with your midwife or doctor.

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