Time Waits For No Mom

Time has a way of wrapping us mamas in bittersweet moments. 

Today, I find myself grappling with one of those heartstring-tugging instances – I catch myself wondering, 'Will this little thing she's doing turn into those 'last time' memories?'"

I find myself watching every eyelash flutter and soaking in the intoxicating scent of her unwashed hair.

Every milestone feels like an intricate dance between holding on and letting go. 

Could this really be the last time?

This is the essence of motherhood – a delicate balance between the beauty of the present and the tinge of nostalgia that comes from knowing that every moment lived becomes a memory to treasure.

So here's to savoring every kiss, every giggle, and every messy adventure that remains. 

Here's to capturing the essence of these fleeting days in our hearts, forever imprinted in the tapestry of our lives.

Sending you all the love and presence - we’re in this beautiful mama journey together.

xoxo, Satya 

We Are Amma Co-founder & Mama of 3

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