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Most women go through their whole lives never making the time to do anything for themselves. AMMA co-founder Emily Baldoni & our friend Sarah Jenks go deep on this conversation and the importance of taking action now:

Many of our problems are intensified right now, given we are living through a generally stressful time...and we may be increasingly eye to eye with ourselves and our families without much outside support. 

If you think you are feeling {insert your emotional state here} due to {insert stressful circumstantial event here], Sarah says it’s not just circumstance…these feelings, these challenges have always been there, but right now you are more forced to sit with them. It’s okay to be uncomfortable. And right now is a great time to do the work.

Here’s what she suggests:

  • Identify your conditioning 
  • Recognize what you want (and what you don’t want anymore) and create a container / sacred space for communicating that 
  • Set a time to have a real and thoughtful conversation, and use words and phrases like “I am really nervous to talk about this…” or “This is so important to me, I would like you to just listen”

When we are clear in our communications with our children, partners, friends, and / or  co-workers, they will be able to hear and listen.

    Remember: Emotionally charged situations are not the right time to ask for what you want!

    A Gift For You

    Sarah Jenks has created the “Back to Me Challenge,” (sign up for her emails at the bottom of the page, you will be so happy that you did!) with small acts that you can try every day - each one takes less than 15 minutes and will help you take your life back, know your worth & feel alive no matter how drained, overwhelmed and far gone you feel.

    Why it works:

    When we commit to “acting as if” we love and care about ourselves (even if you think it's silly, selfish, or a waste of time) we get an instant response of feeling good and feeling loved.  Those good feelings relieve our stress, bring clarity to what’s important to us and slowly get us out of survival mode.  

    What to expect:

    Every day for the next 7 days, Sarah Jenks is going to send you an email with a simple act of self-care. You’ll get a daily “toolkit” to tackle things you’ve been missing out on, such as:

    • Taking better care of your body
    • Reigniting a beloved hobby 
    • Cleaning out your home and creating a real sanctuary
    • ...or even starting your own business!

    Most importantly, you will cultivate a deep and loving relationship with yourself and come back to the “you” you were always meant to be.  

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