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When we were deciding what to call our company, we discussed the importance of a name and the responsibility that comes with being a part of each others’ journeys.

AMMA means “mother.” One who loves, one who protects, one who raises up.

As mothers, we are called to create a more equitable and humane future: for our children, for each other, for ourselves.

AMMA is starting at the beginning...with birth.

The maternal healthcare crisis in our country is most acute and devastating for Black women. The statistics are staggering. Part of overcoming the disgraceful Black maternal morbidity and mortality rates is improving access to providers of color who can advocate, empower, and share in a mama’s lived experience.

We are honored to support the efforts of existing individuals and organizations who are breaking down barriers and providing training, resources, and opportunities to Black women wishing to become birth workers.

50% of the proceeds for every AMMA Mama Madre Mère tee sold is donated to the National Black Doulas Association. For more information about their work, please visit their website.

If you are an aspiring Black midwife, doula, or lactation consultant and would like us to amplify your existing funding campaign on our IG account, please email with the subject: “Amplify my (birth) work” .

We also recommend reaching out to the following people and organizations to see if they are willing to help amplify your campaign (it never hurts to ask!):

  1. @shishirose
  2. @mamaglow
  3. @carriagehousebirth
  4. @iamhaizehawkerosen
  5. @glowmaven
  6. @themattiejames
  7. @feminist_doula
  8. @magamamas
  9. @theblackdoula

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