“Gratitude can transform common days into thanksgiving, turn routine jobs into joy, and change ordinary opportunities into blessings.” – Proverb

Dear Mama, 
In our lives we have found the most beneficial and easy way to be HAPPY is through a practice of gratitude. That is why every Monday we will be hosting AMMA MAMA GRATITUDE CIRCLES.

Click to join (password: 143)

xoxo, Satya Twena & Emily Baldoni


Gratitude is a powerful emotion. 

A simple ‘thank you’ can change your emotional & mental state. Effortless acts of gratitude (like joining our free Gratitude Circle) will enhance your mood, improve your outlook, and inspire you to find NEW things to be grateful for.

The benefits of gratitude are endless… here are our favorites:


  1. Brings happiness
  2. Improves health
  3. Changes your brain (makes new neural connections to the bliss center!)
  4. Enhances serotonin and dopamine (responsible for happiness)
  5. Helps reduce fear and anxiety by regulating stress hormones
  6. Releases toxic emotions
  7. Improves sleep quality
  8. Enriches our romantic relationships & friendships
  9. Improves psychological well-being
  10. Strengthens family relationships during stressful times


  • Show up to our Zoom password: 143 at 11:30am PDT every Monday
  • We will welcome you & our community with a few words
  • We will then click on each individual mama and she will say her words of gratitude to the group...every mama will have 10 seconds to share (see below "what to say")
  • You can stay as long as you want or depart once you’ve spoken your thanks
  • We will only have 100 mamas per gratitude circle to allow everyone a chance to speak


    "Hi! My name is Satya, I live in California and I am grateful for______ . THANK YOU!)"