2 years ago, when we were naming our company, AMMA, we discussed the importance of a name and the responsibility that comes with sharing a mother’s most intimate experiences.

Our intention was to build a sacred cocoon, for ourselves, each other and you.

AMMA means “mother.” 

One who loves, one who protects, one who raises up.

When a mother is born, so is her mama spirit, an internal fire fueling fierce love for her young.

Hearing George Floyd call out for his mama in his last few breaths ignited a new fire and reminded us that as mothers, it's our responsibility to protect all mamas and all children.

Right now Black mamas and children need us.

They need all mothers to stand, protect and to change the world.

This weekend Rayshard Brooks was murdered, leaving 4 innocent children without a father.

We can no longer ignore the cries of fatherless children. As mothers, all children are our collective responsibilities.

We are all AMMA.

It is our responsibility to create a more equitable and humane future.

AMMA is starting at the beginning, with birth.

In the NY alone, Black women are 12x more likely to die from pregnancy or childbirth-related causes than white women.

Part of overcoming the Black maternal morbidity and mortality crisis is improving access to providers of color who can advocate, empower, and share in a mama’s lived experience.

Our AMMA Birth Worker scholarship will fund trainings for aspiring Black doulas & midwives. 

If you would like us to amplify your funding campaign or apply for our scholarship please fill out this form.